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  1. Act now to receive incentives from LES’ 2014 Sustainable Energy Program

    LINCOLN – With less than $500,000 left and the end of the year quickly approaching, Lincoln Electric System customers must act now to receive financial incentives available through the utility’s 2014 Sustainable Energy Program.

    The program kicked off its sixth year in January 2014 with a total of $4 million in incentive funds to help customers offset the costs of purchasing energy-efficiency products or services. These can range from increasing home insulation to installing high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners, as well as commercial and industrial projects.

    “The Sustainable Energy Program is designed to provide customers – residential to large industrial facilities – assistance to curb their energy consumption, and to positively impact the environment and their energy bills,” said Marc Shkolnick, LES manager, Energy Services.

    According to Shkolnick, increasing the energy efficiency of homes and businesses also can increase the occupants’ comfort.

    “Adding insulation and sealing gaps around doors and windows are some of the most cost-effective upgrades one can make. These measures reduce drafts and allow the heating system to work more efficiently,” he said.

    Customers who already have taken advantage of the high-efficiency heat pump and air conditioner incentive are saving as much as 10-15 percent on their annual electric bills, Shkolnick said.

    The program’s incentive funds are exclusively available to LES customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers interested in the program should contact participating contractors listed on LES’ website. The contractor will apply the Sustainable Energy Program incentives to the customer’s invoice when eligible products and/or services are purchased.

    The program offers the following incentives:

    • Whole-House and Facility Sealing and Insulation – Customers in existing homes and facilities with no wall or minimal attic insulation can qualify for up to $1,000 to seal penetrations and upgrade insulation levels to current energy code standards.
    • High-Efficiency Heat Pump and Air Conditioner – Residential and commercial customers are eligible for incentive payments when replacing existing cooling systems or installing them in newly built homes and buildings.
    • Commercial and Industrial Lighting – Incentive payments of up to $100,000 per customer, per year are available for commercial and industrial customers reducing peak demand and costs associated with upgrading existing lighting systems that operate during peak-energy use periods. Energy-efficient lighting in new buildings also may qualify.
    • Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency – Commercial and industrial customers can receive up to $100,000 in incentives per year for achieving peak demand savings through one or more of the following energy-efficiency measures: air conditioner/heat pump replacement, variable frequency drives upgrade, compressed air systems analysis and upgrade, energy management systems installation, optimization or upgrade and systems commissioning.

    For the list of participating contractors and more program information, visit www.les.com or call 402-473-3270.