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  1. LES purchases land for second service center

    LINCOLN – Lincoln Electric System signed an agreement to purchase land for a new service center in southeast Lincoln. LES budgeted funds in 2015 to acquire land to build a future south service center.

    “The need for a second location is driven by the growth of our customer base and service area, customer response time and travel time to support service in the south and southeast parts of the community, and risk management based on LES’ equipment and material housed in a single location,” stated Kevin Wailes, administrator & CEO. “Acquiring the land is a key step forward in maintaining high-quality services to our customers in the future.”

    An extensive process was followed, including a request for proposals, evaluation of submissions, possible co-location discussions with the Lancaster County Engineer, City of Lincoln Planning department, Public Works & Utilities and City public safety directors, and a physical site and infrastructure analysis. The selected site is located at the southwest corner of S. 98th Street and Rokeby Road, near an existing LES substation and containing a 345-kilovolt transmission line which crosses the parcel’s southeast corner.

    Wailes said the nearly 120-acre parcel was purchased for $3 million, comparable to nearby property listings and under the land acquisition budget. No other plans on timing for construction have been made.