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For 50 years, we at LES have been proud to power the many homes, businesses and governmental properties throughout Lincoln and the surrounding area. As one of the nation’s most efficient electric utilities, we’re committed to keeping electricity safe, reliable and affordable.

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  1. LES reminds customers how to prepare for an outage

    LINCOLN — With the National Weather Service and Gov. Pete Ricketts declaring March 26-30 as Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness Week, Lincoln Electric System encourages customers to take necessary precautions for severe weather, which heightens the likelihood of power outages.

    “While we do everything in our power to make our system as reliable as possible, severe weather is unpredictable and is one of our main sources of outages,” said Kelley Porter, LES manager of customer and corporate communications. “We want customers to stay safe and prepare for events out of our control.”

    Spring can bring hazardous storms, so now is the perfect time to prepare by:

    • Updating your information with LES PowerLine. Our outage call management system matches your phone number to your service address. Make sure to keep your information current so you don’t report an outage at an old address. Visit LES.com/report-outage to update your information now.
    • Putting together a basic emergency kit. Start with the essentials: food (bottled water and nonperishable food items), a light source (a flashlight or lantern) and a way to stay informed (a battery-operated radio or TV). Remember that during an outage, you’ll need power for devices that don’t need to be plugged into power outlets. Keep mobile devices charged and have backup batteries.
    • Knowing how to report an outage. We have two ways for you to report an outage: online at LES.com/report or over the phone via PowerLine at 1-888-365-2412.

    Restoration times vary based on the severity of the outage. LES’ strategy in re-establishing power is to efficiently and effectively get power back on for the most customers in the shortest time possible, but it becomes more complex if weather conditions are dangerous or the outage is major. LES will always prioritize safety for its employees and customers, addressing potentially life-threatening situations as well as power for hospitals, fire stations and other critical community services first.

    If you use a portable generator during an outage, never plug it into a home outlet or connect it to a building’s wiring. It won’t be isolated from LES lines and can feed electricity back into them, causing severe injury to line crews, contractors or others, or potentially destroy the generator itself.

    For more details on preparing for a storm, follow LES on Facebook and Twitter.