I have been with LES for only a few years, but already I have had many great opportunities and experiences.

As a civil engineer in the Transmission and Civil Design department, my predominant responsibility is transmission line design. I work in a project management role on many projects, which allows me to take part in several aspects of a project rather than just being stuck to the same tasks over and over.

Many of the projects are very large and impact the community. I enjoy working on new transmission lines from start to finish and get to see projects I have completed around Lincoln every day — I think that’s kind of cool!

LES was a great choice for me because it is a local company that has allowed me to stay close to friends and family, yet it has also given me the opportunity to travel to many exciting places across the states and even one trip to Europe for work on a large transmission project.

Almost every day brings something new. The people I work with are kind, helpful, interesting and knowledgeable. Many have been here 35, 40 and even 45 years — that says a lot about LES. It’s a great place to work.