Most people don’t realize everything that goes into running a utility. There are opportunities across several fields, from finance to regulatory compliance, to environmental and energy management, to developing, maintaining and supporting the geographic information system at LES. And, this is the team I’m a part of.

We provide interactive maps that allow office and field employees to access electric facility information, and we use spatial data to perform analysis that provides powerful information for groups throughout the company, such as design engineers and system planners.

I was drawn to LES because of its security, stability and benefits and the opportunity for growth. I stay because LES encourages personal growth through training and education; I’m constantly being challenged; every day is different; and I work with great people.

Be prepared to be the young buck at LES — not necessarily in age but in years of service. It is not uncommon for someone to stay at LES for 30 to 40 years, or more. People who start here tend to stay for many years. The knowledge these individuals have is invaluable; they are a great resource when learning the ropes.