Automatic Bank Billing

As an LES customer/owner, you save money on electricity compared to the rest of the country. And LES wants you to save time as well.

Sign up to have your electric bill automatically taken out of your checking account each month. LES will send you a bill each month for your records and automatically withdraw the bill amount on the due date. Automatic bank billing is available through most financial institutions, including banks, credit unions and savings and loans.

Sign up for automatic bank billing in one of these ways:

  • 1 Download, print, and bring the form to LES at 11th and O streets.
  • 2 Mail the form to LES, P.O. Box 80869, Lincoln, NE 68501-0869.
  • 3 Fax the form to 402-742-4891.
  • 4 Call 402-475-4211 and request the form.

Download Form