Our 2022 team

Administrative Board

The LES Administrative Board consists of nine members who are appointed by the mayor of Lincoln and confirmed by the Lincoln City Council. Board members are responsible for the control and management of the property, personnel, facilities, equipment and finances of LES. They do not receive compensation and may serve a maximum of three, three-year terms.

Board member DaNay Kalkowski
DaNay Kalkowski
Board Chair
Attorney, Seacrest & Kalkowski
Board member Andrew Hunzeker
Andrew Hunzeker
Board Vice Chair
CFO, Vice President Finance & IT, Lincoln Industries
Board member David Spinar
David Spinar
Board Secretary
Sr. Vice President and Financial Advisor, RBC Wealth Management
Board member Carl Eskridge
Carl Eskridge
Retired attorney
Board member Karen Griffin
Karen Griffin
Vice President, Olsson
Board member Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson
Deputy Director, Conservation Nebraska
Board member Kimberly Morrow
Kimberly Morrow
Director of Climate Planning & Resilience, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Board member Lucas Sabalka
Lucas Sabalka
Computer Vision Specialist, Ocuvera
Board member Layne Sup
Layne Sup
CEO, Binary Net and Infinite Systems

Executive team

LES' executive team members oversee the operations of LES. 

Executive Team member Kevin Wailes
Kevin Wailes
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Team member Shelley Sahling-Zart
Shelley Sahling-Zart
General Counsel & Vice President, Communications & Corporate Records
Executive Team member Emily Koenig
Emily Koenig
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Financial Services
Executive Team member David Malcom
David Malcom
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Technology Services
Executive Team member Paul Crist
Paul Crist
Vice President, Energy Delivery
Executive Team member Jason Fortik
Jason Fortik
Vice President, Power Supply
Executive Team member Lisa Hale
Lisa Hale
Vice President, Customer Services
Executive Team member Trish Owen
Trish Owen
Vice President, Corporate Operations

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