LES 2018 budget, rates

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LES’ approved 2018 budget totals $363.9 million, allotting $273.4 million for operating costs and the remaining $90.5 million dedicated for capital projects.

With no system-wide average rate adjustment, the only changes Residential and Heating Service customers will notice on their monthly bills will come in the form of ongoing work to restructure rates. In 2018, customers will again see a decrease in energy rates (identified as the Energy Charge on account statements) offset by an increase in the Facilities Charge. The Facilities Charge will collect fixed costs for LES to maintain and deliver energy to our customers. Most customers will notice little to no change to their bill.

The approved monthly Facilities Charges for residential ratepayers is $15 for Level 1 customers (using less than 800 kilowatt-hours per month), $21.50 for Level 2 (800-1,499 kWh per month) and $33.75 (1,500 or more kWh per month) for Level 3. The approved residential Energy Charges are dropping to 8.58¢ per kWh in the summer (June-September) and 5.86¢ in the winter (October-May).

The LES Administrative Board approved the 2018 budget and rates at its Oct. 20, 2017, meeting. The Lincoln City Council approved the budget and rates Nov. 20, 2017.

View the approved budget and rates info on this page.

Bill calculator

This residential bill calculator provides an estimated bill, based on the approved 2018 rate restructure, to be effective Jan. 1, 2018. It displays 12 months. Click the button below to see how the approved 2018 rate restructure adjustment would affect your monthly bill. 



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