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We offer numerous top-notch programs for schools in our service area, free of charge. 

LES subject matter experts will take students through fun and informative presentations! All programs are designed with Nebraska state standards in mind.

School visits

Read about each program below and then email to request a visit to your school!

Electricity basics

Snap circuit lesson planPhoto showing students constructing a circuit

Appropriate for fourth grade and up.
Aligns with fourth grade science objectives and state standards.

Learning objectives: Construct and design simple circuits, differentiate between a series and parallel circuit, classify different materials as conductors or nonconductors, determine and assess the dangers of electricity.

Students will ...

  • Actively engage in scientific practices to deepen their understanding of the core ideas in the field of energy.
  • Use energy sticks and snap circuit kit pieces to model how a basic circuit works and learn about open, closed, series and parallel circuits; insulators and conductors.
  • Get an overview of how and when circuits become unsafe in their daily lives.

Electrical safety

Hazard HamletPhoto showing students with the Hazard Hamlet demo board

Appropriate for kindergarten through fifth grade.
Aligns with fourth grade science objectives and state standards.

We use a safety demonstration that uses realistic graphics and special effects to teach electricity basics and safety.

Learning objectives: Construct and design simple circuits, classify different materials as conductors or nonconductors, determine and assess the dangers of electricity.

Students will ...

  • Witness interactive scenes filled with electrical arcs and sparks.
  • Be asked to design a model to better understand basic circuits and how electricity always seeks to find a path to ground. 

High-voltage tabletop demoPhoto showing LES line techs doing a high-voltage tabletop demo

Appropriate for sixth grade and up.
Focus is on energy distribution and electrical safety.

LES line technicians will demonstrate the following and might even fry a mini hot dog!

  • How electricity is generated and distributed.
  • How to stay safe around power lines.
  • How electricity always seeks a path to ground.

Energy efficiency and renewables

Energy-efficiency JeopardyPhoto showing an LES presenter engaging students with a game of Energy-efficiency Jeopardy

Appropriate for fourth grade and up.

The presenter will leverage an interactive Jeopardy-style game to engage students in learning about energy generation, distribution and renewable energy resources. Fun facts, photos and illustrations encourage discussion and competition among peers.

EdITH Photo of EdITH (LES' Educational Interactive Tiny House)

LES is working with Lincoln-area schools to identify events for EdITH, LES' Educational Interactive Tiny House, to attend! Email for more information.

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