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LES is your resource for energy information and the following items will help answer your home and business energy questions and give you ideas to reduce your energy costs. Materials are also available to aid in teachers’ classroom discussions of electricity and safety, as well as presentations that show what happens behind the scenes to get low-cost electricity to you.

LES key facts

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Brochures for your home

Get your hands on a variety of brochures, including our customer newsletter Current, that will show you ways to save money and energy, as well as give you tips on how to be safe around electricity.

Brochures for your business

Browse a variety of business-related brochures offering ways you can cut energy costs even further and learn how to better manage your business’ electric service.

Integrated Resource Plan

See the current Integrated Resource Plan to effectively serve LES’ growing customer needs.

LES business indicators

See the areas of health in LES' operations and performance.

LES service area map

LES services approximately 200 square miles within Lancaster County in Nebraska, comprising the cities of Lincoln, Prairie Home, Waverly, Walton, Cheney and Emerald.

Sustainable Energy Program

By taking advantage of the Sustainable Energy Program, you can save money, help reduce the need for energy during expensive peak periods and help delay the necessity to build high-cost power plants.

Vegetation management & clearances

One of the ways we keep your power on is by decreasing the risk of a major contributor to outages — tree branches. With your help, we eliminate branches that are potentially dangerous or may cause an outage.

Construction activity

The LES budget includes construction projects in and around Lincoln.

Understanding electricity usage

Wondering what caused a difference in your bill? Understanding some of the most common causes of usage is one of the best things to help control the amount of energy you use.


Become more acquainted with electricity and your utility.

Teachers & students

Spend some time in LES’ Electrical Safety World and Energy Efficiency World. See other resources available as you teach and learn about the wonders of electricity.

YouTube channel: LES video vault

LES Energy Ideas on 5 City-TV

This quarterly program details seasonal, money-saving tips for residential and business customers and takes a look at key issues affecting LES and its customer/owners.

Smart energy forums and webinars

Smart energy forums and webinars bring together experts in various aspects of energy conservation to provide commercial and industrial customers opportunities to learn more about how to save money by saving energy.

Energy-efficient lighting at home

The cost of lighting your home comprises about 7 percent of your electric bill.

Online energy checkup / em • Powered™

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Online energy checkup / EnergyLine for business customers

LES’ EnergyLine is a free and convenient way to increase your company’s energy efficiency and find answers to energy questions.