LES Sustainable Living Festival

LES hosted its annual LES Sustainable Living Festival July 27, 2019, in The Railyard in Lincoln, and community partners delivered a hands-on, family-friendly event.

From local experts, fesitvalgoers discovered easy ways to take care of our environment and live more sustainably. They ...

  • Stepped inside and saw EdITH, LES' new educational, interactive tiny house.
  • Got up close and personal with some electric vehicles, including the Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf and Teslas.
  • Cycled through the latest and greatest in Lincoln’s bike system, including BikeLNK, the city’s bike-share program.
  • Designed and built their own wind turbines out of everyday materials.
  • Took a test ride on some electronic, pedal-assisted e-bikes.
  • Looked inside a honey bee hive and saw what the local pollinator buzz is all about with the UNL Bee Lab.
  • Learned the science behind composting, from organic home waste to worms.
  • Explored the diverse ecosystem of fallen and rotting logs.
  • Found out how LES uses renewable energy, like solar and wind, to power Lincoln.
  • Learned about the sustainability efforts of one of our community’s biggest recyclers, Lincoln City Libraries.
  • Entered to win a bike and smart thermostat.
  • And much, much more! With over 30 community partners, there was so much to discover!
Community partners
Big Red WormsLancaster County Extension Master Gardeners
BikeLNKLES careers, energy services, education outreach
City of Lincoln Parks, Planning and HealthLincoln & Lancaster County Health
Department (Keep Lincoln & Lancaster
County Beautiful and Lincoln's 
Hazardous Waste Center)
City of Lincoln Solid Waste ManagementLincoln City Libraries
City of Lincoln Watershed ManagementLincoln Public Schools - Sustainability
CommonGround NebraskaLower Platte South Natural Resources District
Conservation NebraskaNebraska811
Electric vehiclesNebraska Building Products
Great Plains Bicycling ClubNebraska Solar Schools
Great Plains RenewablesPioneers Park Nature Center
GRNE SolarSpeedy Pete's E-Bikes / QP Ace Hardware
Groundwater FoundationSustain UNL
High Level HappinessSWT Energy Inc.
HVCcycle Inc., ZERO MOTORCYCLESUniversity of Nebraska State Museum of Natural History
Jim King - Music for Young ChildrenUNL Bee Lab
Joslyn Institute for Sustainable CommunitiesUNL Office of Sustainability
J-Tech SolarWheelie Good Bike Shop


Promotional partners
Alpha Media – KFRX and KFOR 
Wheelie Good Bike Shop