Core divisions

Communications and Corporate Records

Communications and Corporate Records coordinates legal, legislative and regulatory activities; communicates with LES and its audiences; and manages all corporate records.

Governmental affairs are a primary responsibility. Staff maintains contact with the Nebraska congressional delegation, state senators and local government officials on critical energy issues and coordinates with entities like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

This division also manages marketing, advertising, publications, websites, public relations, media relations, community relations and customer research. Staff moderates communications using a variety of resources to help LES reach goals and objectives and promote understanding of our positions, programs, activities, products and services.

In addition, Communications and Corporate Records is responsible for:

  • Managing the processes and technologies used to capture, store, deliver and preserve content (documents and records) across our company.
  • Developing and coordinating business processes to improve efficiency and workflows.
  • Managing corporate governance by developing and maintaining documentation of policies, programs and processes, including LES business forms.
  • Managing corporate legal affairs.
  • Managing strategic planning.

Corporate Operations

Corporate Operations manages and supports internal functions that help LES meet its energy distribution requirements and is responsible for:

  • Overseeing security, operation and maintenance of facilities and capital construction of nongenerating, transmission and distribution facilities.
  • Providing compensation and benefits that help position LES as an "employer of choice."
  • Providing exemplary customer service.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing facilities from construction to maintenance to cleaning.
  • Purchasing supplies, materials and equipment needed by employees to complete their jobs.
  • Storing and maintaining tools, equipment and materials.
  • Managing human resources activities.
  • Overseeing safety, wellness and training.
  • Managing the LES vehicle fleet.

Customer Services

Customer Services manages LES’ business relationship with customers, including retail revenue management and accounting, customer services, credit services, meter infrastructure management, meter reading, energy use and efficiency consulting and business account management.

Responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining reliable services in customer accounting, billing, payments and customer service management.
  • Supporting the community’s interest in energy and the environment.
  • Facilitating local efforts for economic development through community involvement and research.
  • Providing timely service to all customers.

Each year, staff welcomes 1,800 new customers to LES’ service area, handles nearly 300,000 phone inquiries, manages more than 140,000 lobby transactions, generates and processes more than 1.5 million meter readings and bills, and conducts 350 business retention and expansion surveys.

Energy Delivery

Energy Delivery is responsible for planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation and standards for all LES overhead and underground distribution and transmission facilities, substations and street lighting.

The division also handles acquisition and management of property rights for facilities and installations, and is responsible for transformer and electrical equipment maintenance.

Departments are System Operation, System Planning, Transmission and Distribution Construction, Transmission and Distribution Design, Substations, Internal Operations, and Protection & Controls.

LES’ high design, construction and maintenance standards have resulted in a transmission and distribution system that is considered truly state of the art. These standards have helped LES provide customers service reliability in excess of 99.99 percent, an excellent standard for the industry, while ensuring North American Electric Reliability Corporation and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission regulatory compliance.

Financial Services

Financial Services has responsibility for the accounting and financial requirements at LES. These responsibilities include accurate accounting records and reporting, payroll administration, corporate budgeting, and long-range financial modeling. Staff also supports the accounting and financial requirements of the District Energy Corporation and NUCorp. 

LES issues revenue bonds and commercial paper to support operational needs. Staff is responsible for all aspects of both programs, including managing of proceeds and investments, forecasting future financing needs, and meeting ongoing disclosure and reporting requirements.

LES takes pride in the competitiveness of its electric rates on both a regional and national basis. Staff is responsible for calculation of electric rates and development of new rates. 

Risk identification and oversight are coordinated through an active enterprise risk management program that is managed within Financial Services. The portfolio of insurance also is managed within this division. 

Power Supply

Power Supply is charged with delivering an adequate and reliable supply of electricity to LES customers. Staff is responsible for:

  • Managing resource and transmission planning.
  • Managing generation production cost modeling and generation expansion planning.
  • Coordinating local and regional transmission planning activities.
  • Coordinating engineering, procurement and construction of generating resources.
  • Overseeing near- and long-term wholesale market energy purchases and sales.
  • Overseeing natural gas purchase and sales activities.
  • Managing the maintenance and operation of local generating facilities.
  • Overseeing activities for compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations.
  • Overseeing activities for compliance with regional and federal reliability standards.

LES owns a diverse portfolio of generating resources, including coal, oil- and gas-fired, hydroelectric, and wind-powered generators. Two of these plants have been named among the most efficient, reliable and economical in the world by POWER Magazine.

Technology Services

Technology Services is responsible for all the information technology and operational technology used at LES. It is responsible for making sure the technology systems are integrated effectively and securely to increase business unit efficiencies and to maintain system reliability. Technology Services also maintains and updates records for construction and operation of the system.

Staff is responsible for:

  • Overseeing information technology (systems and governance).
  • Managing information security.
  • Managing communication systems.
  • Managing the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system.
  • Managing GIS/CAD functions.
  • Enterprise content management.