1. The opportunity for advancement was the main reason I was drawn to LES. I’ve worked at LES for more than four years now, and I started out as an accountant. That role exposed me to many different departments and functions of LES, leading me to my current position as a settlements analyst. I’m responsible for ensuring the accuracy of settlements with the Southwest Power Pool and bringing detailed knowledge of those settlements to my team to assist in decision making.

    Working as part of a great team that makes daily decisions in an ever-changing market is incredibly rewarding — there’s something new to learn on a daily basis, and that’s what I look forward to each day.

    STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers are out there that you aren’t even aware of, and I’m in an occupation that I didn’t know LES presented. I’m extremely happy that I have chosen a career at LES.

  2. I’m a number sleuth by day. A wife, dog mom and student by night.

    At LES, I get to use my passion for numbers in my role. I get satisfaction out of discovering where things aren’t balanced and finding the answer.

    I’m happy to work for a company that offers opportunities for me to further my career. LES cares about my growth and I’m thankful that LES offers a tuition assistance program to make it easier for me to pay for my education. I also think that it’s great I’m getting to advance my career while helping LES build a more knowledgeable workforce.

    It’s amazing how big of a difference it makes when you work for a company with friendly and caring people. I enjoy coming to work every day because my coworkers make it fun. It doesn’t matter how much we are pressed for time, we always find a way to get through the day with at least one good laugh.

    When I’m not crunching digits or studying, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Alex, and our two dogs: Harley and Rex.

  3. I’m a music enthusiast who gets a rush out of playing instruments and giving back.

    As a senior customer service representative at LES, I connect with customers regularly. Working in our lobby on O Street allows me to build relationships with the community we serve and to make our customers' lives easier.

    I also like being involved in the community. It provides me with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Working full time while being a student gives me very little time to volunteer, but I’m proud to work for a company that encourages employees to get involved. Our goal as an organization is to be the best utility company and to bring value to the community we serve. I take that to heart.

    I enjoyed volunteering at the Center for People in Need’s Toyland for Kids. The event provided low-income families presents for the holidays and I was excited to help. I want to be a role model for kids and give back to the people who really need it. It also helps to have a little practice for when I have kids in the future!

  4. I’ve always had a home at LES.

    I started working here in the ‘70s as an arborist. After five years, I transferred to the toolroom and worked as a tool repair tech. I worked hard, took pride in what I did and went above and beyond to help. My manager noticed my work ethic and encouraged me to apply for the supervisor position in the toolroom. I found my niche and have been in that role for 15 years.

    Each day, I make sure employees have the personal safety gear and tools needed to perform their duties. I also ensure LES tools and personal protective equipment meet all required safety and quality standards. I enjoy the opportunity to attend conferences, seminars and trainings because it provides me the resources I need to perform my duties at a highly professional level.

    I pass that learning on to my employees and make sure they have the training, learning opportunities and resources to perform their jobs efficiently. I also like to provide them a fun work atmosphere. If I can put a smile on someone’s face, then I’ve done my job.

    In my spare time, I love camping, fishing and tinkering on my John Deere tractor.

  5. Growing up, I was fascinated with technology and the exponential growth in computer science and networking.

    My career at LES gives me the opportunity to do what I love: learn about new cybersecurity threats, test our defenses against them and implement new defenses to further protect the company from cyberthreats.

    LES isn’t a place where you work for a few years to gain experience for your resume. It’s a destination workplace that fosters growth and learning through its collaborative and innovative culture.

    When you get hired at LES, they invest in you through training, learning experiences and the opportunity to work on projects to help you gain skills necessary for professional development and progression. I appreciate fellow employees' willingness to share information and work together to accomplish tasks. Everyone genuinely wants to help you succeed in your role. These qualities are rare to find at other companies.

    Relative to its size, LES is very diverse. You’ll meet people from all walks of life working here. The company values employees who come from differing cultural and educational backgrounds and those who have a wide range of career experiences. It gives us all a chance to learn from each other and fosters creativity.

    In my downtime, I enjoy coaching my son, taking my daughter to parks, working out and developing new scripts.