I’m a number sleuth by day. A wife, dog mom and student by night.

At LES, I get to use my passion for numbers in my role. I get satisfaction out of discovering where things aren’t balanced and finding the answer.

I’m happy to work for a company that offers opportunities for me to further my career. LES cares about my growth and I’m thankful that LES offers a tuition assistance program to make it easier for me to pay for my education. I also think that it’s great I’m getting to advance my career while helping LES build a more knowledgeable workforce.

It’s amazing how big of a difference it makes when you work for a company with friendly and caring people. I enjoy coming to work every day because my coworkers make it fun. It doesn’t matter how much we are pressed for time, we always find a way to get through the day with at least one good laugh.

When I’m not crunching digits or studying, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Alex, and our two dogs: Harley and Rex.