Growing up, I was fascinated with technology and the exponential growth in computer science and networking.

My career at LES gives me the opportunity to do what I love: learn about new cybersecurity threats, test our defenses against them and implement new defenses to further protect the company from cyberthreats.

LES isn’t a place where you work for a few years to gain experience for your resume. It’s a destination workplace that fosters growth and learning through its collaborative and innovative culture.

When you get hired at LES, they invest in you through training, learning experiences and the opportunity to work on projects to help you gain skills necessary for professional development and progression. I appreciate fellow employees' willingness to share information and work together to accomplish tasks. Everyone genuinely wants to help you succeed in your role. These qualities are rare to find at other companies.

Relative to its size, LES is very diverse. You’ll meet people from all walks of life working here. The company values employees who come from differing cultural and educational backgrounds and those who have a wide range of career experiences. It gives us all a chance to learn from each other and fosters creativity.

In my downtime, I enjoy coaching my son, taking my daughter to parks, working out and developing new scripts.