LES celebrates Public Power Week Oct. 3-9

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System is celebrating Public Power Week Oct. 3-9, along with more than 2,000 other not-for-profit, customer-owned electric utilities across the country. Collectively, public power delivers electricity to over 49 million Americans.

As the only 100% public power state in the nation, however, Nebraska is home to some of the lowest electric rates in the U.S. In fact, public power rates are consistently lower than those of other utility companies when compared to the national average. The value proposition of public power is as valid today as it was in 1933 when the legislature created this unique business model.

“With the public power model, we can focus on keeping energy affordable, reliable and environmentally responsible in a way that is consistent with our community’s values,” said LES CEO Kevin Wailes. “LES is community-owned and not-for-profit, meaning profits are returned to our customers in the form of lower rates or invested back into the utility as system improvements to maintain the high levels of reliability our customers expect.”

Local control is one of the many benefits that make public power special. Nebraska’s electric utilities are governed by individuals locally elected or appointed who are accessible and accountable to the customers they serve. It’s local people serving local people.

LES has served the Lincoln area since its establishment as a municipal utility in 1966. Today, as Nebraska’s second-largest retail electric provider, LES serves more than 145,000 customers across its 200-square-mile service area in Lancaster County, delivering power to the communities of Cheney, Emerald, Lincoln, Prairie Home, Walton and Waverly. To learn more about public power in the community, go to