Shedding light on resources to help when considering solar

LINCOLN – Lincoln Electric System recently launched a Solar Trade Ally Network and a Solar Buyer’s Checklist to help customers who are exploring solar for their homes or who’ve been contacted by solar company sales representatives. Available at, customers will find trusted information and best practices when considering an investment in solar.

“Not all solar companies in the market are looking out for the customer’s best interest, so it’s essential to get accurate information,” said Marc Shkolnick, manager, Energy Services. “Our customers can find a list of solar installers who have formally acknowledged that they will accurately represent LES rates, incentives and other utility-related information. While LES doesn’t endorse nor guarantee the work of any particular installers, we have established a baseline for solar firms who wish to offer customers with LES incentives.” 

Participants in the Solar Trade Ally Network are eligible to provide customers with LES solar incentives. Network participants currently include: 

  • Dixon Power Systems 
  • Great Plains Renewables 
  • GRNE Solar 
  • JTech Solar 
  • Selectric Solutions, LLC 
  • SWT Energy, Inc. 
  • Sentry Electric Inc. 
  • Weddle and Sons, Inc. 

For more than 15 years, LES has offered net energy metering, a financial arrangement that provides customers the opportunity to offset a portion of their energy consumption through customer-owned solar. Over the past seven years, the utility has provided more than $1 million in one-time value of capacity incentives for more than 270 customer-owned solar systems.
Investing in solar is a major, long-term financial decision, requiring trusted information in a way that makes sense and provides peace of mind. When considering solar, start by contacting LES at [email protected] or by calling 402.475.4211.