Major construction projects

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27th & Y

LES will be replacing high-voltage, underground electrical facilities in this area in late 2020 through January 2021. Due to the location of the cables, the project may require periodic lane closures and traffic disruptions. Please drive safely around utility crews.

84th Street Overhead to Underground Project 

84th Street Overhead to Underground Project map 


Online open house

LES will relocate the overhead power lines to underground along 84th Street from Pinedale Avenue to Vine Street. The conversion will continue to build upon our system reliability and will improve aesthetics along a high traffic volume entryway to the city.

Burying existing overhead distribution meets the Lincoln-Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan statement, “Within the City of Lincoln, wherever feasible and affordable, implement a phased program to relocate overhead utility lines underground.” 

This project is a continuation of the Overhead to Underground program initiated by the LES Administrative board in 2005. Construction is scheduled to start in fall 2020 with anticipated completion by December 2021.

Installing underground electrical facilities can enhance system reliability by reducing exposure to many common outage causes such as storms, tree debris and animal interference. The following before and after photos show the improvements to neighborhood aesthetics that result from this type of project.

Before After
84th Street project power lines84th Street with no power lines
48th Street, L – Cotner Boulevard Overhead to Underground Project


Additional resource

Help LES keep power restoration and maintenance trouble-free by leaving proper space around power equipment.

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the 84th Street project, contact us at 402-475-4211.


South Beltway Project

South Beltway Project map 


Working in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Transportation and Norris Public Power District, LES will move/convert power lines out of the bounds of construction for the new South Beltway for the NDOT.

Moving the power lines consists of burying existing overhead lines at the necessary roundabout and on-ramp locations and updating infrastructure.


Arnold Heights/Airpark Project

Arnold Heights/Airpark project map 

December 2020 update

LES work in the area has concluded. LES will return to remove poles once all partnering utilities have relocated their equipment.


To maintain service reliability, LES will replace a portion of deteriorating electrical facilities in the Arnold Heights/Airpark area. Installed in 1957, the overhead power lines and facilities will be converted to an underground distribution system. The project will be between NW 48th to NW 57th and W. Luke to W. Wilkins streets. The street light facilities in this area will also be converted to underground as they are near the end of their useful life and will be upgraded to meet current city standards.

Open house

LES hosted an open house April 16, 2019, to discuss the project.  

Arnold Heights/Airpark Project handout

Arnold Heights/Airpark Project visuals

Capitol Beach Area Project

Lakeshore Drive project map

December 2020 update

LES work in the area has concluded. LES will return to remove poles once all partnering utilities have relocated their equipment.


LES will replace aging underground lines and convert some overhead power lines to underground. The existing underground lines were installed in the 1970s and have reached the end of their useful life. By converting some of the current overhead facilities to underground, we will improve system reliability and eliminate redundancies.

Customers located in the project area will see crews boring — drilling holes underground with water — in late 2019. Padmount transformers and pedestals will replace redundant overhead electric poles, transformers and lines.

The anticipated rebuild completion is late 2020.

2021 budgeted construction activity

LES' 2021 budget includes a number of construction projects in and around the Lincoln area.

The projects represent relatively large investments. Some projects are new, while several are continued from past years. All of the projects are needed to renew, upgrade or expand the electric system so that LES’ customer/owners continue receiving a reliable supply of low-cost electric energy.

Other projects, not included below, may occur throughout the year due to public changes in land use, major equipment failures and customer requirements for commercial or industrial expansion which may require relocating or changing electrical facilities.

If you have questions about any of these 2021 construction projects, call 402-475-4211 or email

2021 budgeted construction activity map 

All planned construction activity

LES Operations Center

Construction area

South 98th Street and Rokeby Road

LES Operations Center


LES signed an agreement in February 2015 to purchase land for a new service center in southeast Lincoln.

The need for a second location is driven by several major factors. Those include the current and future growth of LES’ customer base and service area, customer response and travel time to support services in the south and southeast parts of the community, and the mitigation of risk. Currently, all LES equipment and materials are housed in a single location within the 100-year flood plain. As the city has continued to grow, it has become more challenging to provide prompt response to outages from our single, north service center. A south operations center will allow us to better serve all of our customers.

An extensive site selection process was followed, including a formal request for proposals for land parcels, evaluation of submissions, possible co-location discussions with city and county government agencies, and a comprehensive physical site and infrastructure analysis.

The selected site is located at South 98th Street and Rokeby Road near an existing LES substation and containing a 345-kilovolt transmission line which crosses the parcel’s southeast corner. LES is moving forward with a phased build-out approach for the facility. The first phase was completed in spring 2019 and addressed critical needs, such as a co-location to house LES equipment and materials outside of the flood plain. The second phase is scheduled for completion in spring 2021.

Frequently asked questions about the LES Operations Center

Project status

Hausmann Construction is the Construction Manager at Risk. The first phase of the project was completed in April 2019, and LES has crews operating out of the new facility.

The second phase of construction is ongoing. The building structure is constructed, and interior work is commencing. Scheduled completion is anticipated to be in spring 2021.