Major construction projects

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Duct Installation Project

Construction areas


  • Northwest 27th to Northwest 12th streets, West Superior to West Adams streets.
  • 1st to 40th streets, Superior to Van Dorn streets.
  • 40th to 56th streets, Fletcher to Van Dorn streets.

2019 Duct Installation Project map 


  • Northwest 56th to Northwest 40th streets: West Adams to West Holdrege streets. 
  • Northwest 27th to Northwest 12th streets: West Adams to West O streets. 
  • Northwest 12th to North 1st streets: West Alvo Road to West Holdrege Street. 
  • North 1st to North 14th streets: Alvo Road to Superior Street and Adams to Holdrege streets.
  • South 1st to South 40th streets: O to A streets.
  • North 14th to North 27th streets: Fletcher Avenue to Cornhusker Highway and Holdrege to O streets.
  • North 27th to North 40th streets: Adams to O streets.

2018 Duct Installation Project map 


To continue to provide reliable service, LES conducted a study of how to best address the aging underground cable system. In Lincoln, there are approximately 600 miles of cable that is 30 years or older without a spare duct. Spare duct is a plastic pipe installed in the ground for the future installation of new primary distribution cable as the existing cable reaches the end of its useful life. As a result of the study, LES launched a project in 2012 that installs duct adjacent to the existing cable that is 30 years or older using directional boring.

The purpose of this project is to:

  • Install duct underground to address the issue of aging underground distribution cable.
  • Prepare for the cable replacement.
  • Maintain system reliability.

Open house

LES outlined and discussed the areas impacted by the 2019 project at an open house Sept. 6, 2018. 

For more information, email or call the Duct Installation Project information line toll free at 1-800-939-5749.


LES Operations Center

Construction area

South 98th Street and Rokeby Road

LES Operations Center


LES signed an agreement in February 2015 to purchase land for a new service center in southeast Lincoln.

The need for a second location is driven by several major factors. Those include the current and future growth of LES’ customer base and service area, customer response and travel time to support services in the south and southeast parts of the community, and the mitigation of risk. Currently, all LES equipment and materials are housed in a single location within the 100-year flood plain. As the city has continued to grow, it has become more challenging to provide prompt response to outages from our single, north service center. A south operations center will allow us to better serve all of our customers.

An extensive site selection process was followed, including a formal request for proposals for land parcels, evaluation of submissions, possible co-location discussions with city and county government agencies, and a comprehensive physical site and infrastructure analysis.

The selected site is located at South 98th Street and Rokeby Road, near an existing LES substation and containing a 345-kilovolt transmission line which crosses the parcel’s southeast corner. LES is moving forward with a phased build-out approach for the facility. The first phase is scheduled to be complete in spring 2019 and will address critical needs, such as a co-location to house LES equipment and materials outside of the flood plain. The second phase is scheduled for completion in spring 2021.

Frequently asked questions about the LES Operations Center

Project status

Hausmann Construction has been hired as the Construction Manager at Risk. The first phase of the project is progressing. Grading, site work, site paving and building construction are complete. The finishing work continues inside. Completion is still on track for the spring of 2019.

The second phase of construction has begun with foundations and site work. Scheduled completion is anticipated to be in spring 2021.


LES SunShares community solar project

This nearly 5-megawatt project is located at Northwest 75th and West Holdrege streets in Lincoln. Construction began in March 2016, and the solar facility went online June 2016.

More about LES community solar

2018 construction activity online open house

LES' 2018 budget includes a number of construction projects in and around the Lincoln area.

The projects represent relatively large investments. Some projects are new, while a majority is continued from past years. All of the projects are needed to renew, upgrade or expand the electric system so that LES’ customer/owners continue receiving a reliable supply of low-cost electric energy.

Other projects, not included below, may occur throughout the year due to public changes in land use, major equipment failures, and customer contributions to construction for commercial or industrial expansion that require relocating or changing electrical facilities.

If you have questions about any of these 2018 construction projects, call 402-475-4211 or email

2018 construction activity map

All planned construction activity