Property Manager

Built with you in mind

Property Manager is our free, internet-based service for landlords and property management companies. Save time with instant access to the information you need. Its password-protected access lets you monitor the electric service of properties you own or manage.

Property Manager shows you:

  • Electrical service address.
  • Party responsible for the service address account.
  • Power on/off status.
  • Whether there are name changes pending for the service address.
  • Start date of electrical service.
  • Meter number.
  • 14-month electricity use and bill amount history.
  • Average and budget bill amount.
  • Email communication with LES service representatives who can assist you with account information or problems.

Start saving time with Property Manager today.

To set up your Property Manager, call Customer Service at 402.475.4211 (option 4, then 3).