Paperless billing

Opt out of printed statements. Opt in to a greener future for Lincoln.

Customers can enroll in paperless billing through LES' online payment portal, and we’re putting the savings gained from printing less to support our efforts to plant more trees and bring more solar energy to our community.

Switch to paperless statements for your monthly bill, and we pledge to give you more.

More convenience

No more misplacing your bill, no more paper waste and no more hassle. Paying your bill is easier with online statements in our new payment portal, which delivers real-time notifications via text or email, better navigation and recurring payment options.

More trees

A portion of the savings from paperless customers will help restore endangered tree populations in Lincoln’s public parks. LES will work with community partners to identify areas of need and help restore healthy, diverse tree populations all over the city.

More solar

The other portion of the savings will help bring the power of the sun to ground level. With LES' solar-powered charging stations for mobile devices, community members find clean power at their fingertips.


  • Holmes Lake near the playground.
  • Pioneers Park near the Nature Center.
  • Densmore Park near the playground.

Charging stations

  • Haymarket Park for summer baseball games.
  • Various events in Lincoln.

A greener future starts now — and it’s just a few clicks away.

The more customers converting to paperless billing, the more we can do for our community with the savings.

Learn how to enroll for paperless billing by watching this short video:

How to enroll for paperless billing

Sign in to the LES payment portal now and make the switch!

Paperless billing sign-up