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It’s your electricity. Own it.

LES gives you access to a full set of interactive tools to help you understand and manage your energy usage. Become empowered when you save energy and money with the help of these tools:

Your residential bill is comprised of the following:

Energy Charge to cover the variable costs of the electricity you use. It is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), which equals 1,000 watts of power used for one hour.

Customer Charge to cover the fixed costs to read your meter, issue your bill and provide other customer-related services.

Facilities Charge to cover the fixed costs to deliver reliable energy. This charge is separated into three levels, based on the average monthly energy use as shown on your bill. Energy used during the 12-month billing period of December 2019 through November 2020 determines your Facilities Level. The levels are:

  • Facilities Level 1: 0-799 kWh/Month
  • Facilities Level 2: 800-1,500 kWh/Month
  • Facilities Level 3: Over 1,500 kWh/Month

This calculator provides an estimated bill based on your energy use. It displays 12 months of billed energy at your current Facilities Level.

Click the button below to see your energy use and estimated monthly bill.

Residential bill calculator