LES Decarbonization Goal

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Net zero by 2040, LES Board approves decarbonization goal

After participating in a year-long educational series on establishing a new carbon reduction goal and soliciting public opinion at the beginning of the month, the LES Administrative Board adopted a 100% net decarbonization goal by 2040 during its Nov. 20 meeting. LES acknowledges that the emissions of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel-fired power generating plants contribute to increased concentration levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which in turn contributes to climate change. The Board adopted this goal in response to the risks associated with climate change.

In 2019, the mayor of Lincoln began developing a new Climate Action Plan for the community. The Board recognized its role in helping to achieve a community goal while also maintaining high levels of electric system reliability and affordable retail electric rates to every customer in the area.

In October, the city released a draft of its Climate Action Plan, in which a citywide goal to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, relative to 2011 levels, was announced. At its November meeting, the LES Administrative Board committed to striving to mitigate its reliance on fossil fuels by establishing a goal to achieve net zero carbon dioxide production from its generation portfolio by 2040.

Moving forward, staff will continue its ongoing process of technological and financial evaluations to make prudent resource planning decisions.

Approval of LES Decarbonization Goal – LES Resolution 2020-16


Virtual public meetings held Nov. 4, 5

See the replay videos of LES' decarbonization goal discussion, including public comments, by clicking the buttons below:

Nov. 4 meeting

Decarbonization goal meeting replay 

Nov. 5 meeting

Decarbonization goal meeting replay

Over the last decade, LES has managed to increase renewable energy production from the equivalent of 10% of retail sales in 2010 to 46% in 2019, simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions by 42% and the carbon intensity of its energy produced by 38%. As part of establishing a new carbon reduction goal that continues to build on the utility’s environmental initiatives, LES’ Administrative Board has been learning about the related financial, reliability and climate change considerations throughout the year.

Seeking input on a goal to achieve net carbon reduction between 95-100% by 2040-45, the Board sought public comment from the community via two separate virtual public meetings Nov. 4 and 5. These meetings included a presentation by LES staff, interactive polls and time for public comment. View the replay videos of the meeting presentations by clicking the buttons above.

News release: Seeking input on decarbonization goal, LES to host public meetings


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