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Insulation provides more comfortable temperatures.

Don upgraded his home's wall insulation from R-0 to R-15 and increased attic insulation from R-19 to R-49. He will enjoy more consistent temperatures between and across rooms for increased comfort.

  • Estimated annual customer savings: $294*
  • Estimated annual reduction in heating and cooling bills: 38 percent*

“My wife and I are in our 70s, and although we are not on a fixed income yet, we are preparing for it and saving where we can. We found utility bills were a great place to start, and insulation is one of the cheapest upgrades you can do. With the help from the Sustainable Energy Program, we will quickly get back the money we invested. I can’t say enough about the program.” - Don R., Lincoln resident

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* Savings will vary based on operating conditions and customer rate.

Customer finds comfort and savings with geothermal heat pump.

While planning an addition to their home, Karen and Jim worked with their architect and contractor to increase its heating and cooling efficiency by replacing the air-to-air heat pump with a geothermal (ground source heat pump) system. Even with the 900-square-foot addition, the annual heating and cooling bills have been reduced by $200.

“There’s no large hulking equipment. It is a quiet system with gentle, but pervasive heating or cooling throughout the house. Our architect and contractor worked with LES, and the process went smoothly. And, as anticipated, the annual savings have been impressive.” - Jim G., Lincoln resident

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Lincoln church reduces costs with LED lighting.

Lincoln Berean Church replaced 557 halogen lamps with 413 LED lights in the church’s chapel and state-of-the-art, 16,000-square-foot auditorium that seats 2,800 people. The savings:

  • Estimated annual demand reduction: 124 kW*
  • Estimated annual savings: $31,656*

"LED lights generate 75 percent less heat, which reduces the load on the cooling system. LED lights also have a 50,000-hour-rated life expectancy, which reduces lighting maintenance costs in addition to saving energy. More efficient lighting pays double dividends.” - Jim H., Lincoln Berean Church energy manager

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* Savings will vary based on operating conditions and customer rate.

Program provides financial incentives to reward for energy efficiency.

“The Sustainable Energy Program provides financial incentives for qualifying residential and business customers' energy-efficiency projects. Since the program's start in 2009, participants have invested millions of dollars on energy-efficient equipment and services benefiting the local economy. These efforts have reduced peak summer demand during days of high energy use, as well as wasted energy consumption year-round. These investments benefit participants and all ratepayers by reducing environmental impacts and delaying the need to build another power plant.” - Kevin Wailes, LES Chief Executive Officer

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