Solar & customer-owned generation

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Community solar


Generating 5 megawattsDC of solar energy, the LES community solar facility was the first utility-scale solar installation in Nebraska, and is still one of the largest in the region.

More about the community solar facility


LES’ Community Solar program offers two options:

1) SunShares is an easy and affordable way to support renewable energy in our community. By adding a donation to your monthly bill, you help support solar energy in the Lincoln area. Each SunShare is just $1 per month; a three-share ($3) minimum is required.

Enroll in SunShares

More about SunShares

2) Virtual Net Metering – available to Residential, General Service and Heating Service customers – gives you the power to benefit from the sun’s energy without having to install solar panels on your home or business.

Through our Virtual Net Metering program, you and other like-minded, energy-conscious LES customers can invest in “virtual” solar panels representing a portion of the LES community solar facility’s output.

More about Virtual Net Metering

To pay for each virtual half panel, you can:

  • Pay a one-time $297.50 enrollment fee.
  • Sign up for 36 fixed payments of $8.50 per month.

This results in a credit on your bill each month which correlates to your level of investment and the actual energy production of the solar facility.

Should you choose to leave the program at any time, LES will buy back your investment at a discounted value. Virtual Net Metering program and refund rates and projected annual production (click Virtual Net Metering Rider).

Take these steps to invest in your virtual solar panels

  1. SIGN UP.

    Enroll in Virtual Net Metering
    Payment process:

  • Participants making monthly payments will see a line item on their bill.

Customer-owned generation

Customer-owned generation refers to electric generation equipment on the customer’s side of the meter.

Net metering is a billing arrangement where residential and business customers who produce their own energy from renewable sources – up to 25 kilowattsAC – can get a credit on their electric bills for extra energy that flows back into our distribution system. Energy produced in excess of your need (or net kilowatt-hours) is credited to your bill at a renewable rate based on our residential retail energy rate.

A second billing arrangement, LES’ renewable generation rate, allows customers to sell energy to LES from renewable generators of up to 100 kWAC. The same types of generators that qualify for net metering also qualify for this renewable generation rate. All energy produced by these generators will be purchased at the renewable rate.

In addition to payments from LES, affordable Nebraska Energy Office loan rates and annual renewable energy tax credits can help support renewable energy project costs for LES customers.

Read an overview of the net metering and customer-owned generation process and access required forms.

Annual submission to Nebraska Power Review Board