Powering memorable moments

The Lincoln Children’s Zoo, in partnership with LES, held its fifth year of Zoo Lights Powered by LES Nov. 24-Dec. 30, 2023. The Children’s Zoo was transformed into one of the largest energy-efficient light shows in the Midwest!

LES Energy Nights at Zoo Lights Powered by LES

LES hosted its Energy Nights 5:30-9 p.m. on Dec. 7, 14, 21 and 28 during Zoo Lights Powered by LES. Attendees were invited to swing by LES' booth to ...

  • Take a peek inside our handmade ENERGY-EFFICIENT GINGERBREAD HOUSE for energy-saving tips.
  • Snap some photos with VOLTS & WATTS, our LINEWORKER NUTCRACKERS.
  • See transmission lines made out of ORANGE LIGHTS.
  • Grab a complimentary GLOWSTICK BRACELET.
  • Ask our LES volunteers your ENERGY QUESTIONS.



LES' gingerbread house
Tips for a safe, energy-efficient holiday season

Bake multiple batches of holiday cookies and pies at one time to maximize energy use.

Keep the fireplace damper closed unless in use. An open damper can be compared to keeping a 48-inch window open during the winter. Close the damper as soon as the fire is completely out.

Warm clothes can be the best insulation of all. A light, long-sleeved sweater equals almost 2 degrees in added warmth; a heavy sweater adds 4 degrees.

Consider switching to LED holiday lights, which last longer and use up to 75% less energy than incandescent lights. They’re also cool to the touch, making them safer to use.

Inspect lights for frayed wires, broken sockets or other signs of wear and tear. 

Turn off holiday lights when you’re asleep or away from home. Use a timer to turn lights on and off automatically based on your schedule.

Avoid using extension cords if you can, and don’t run them under rugs or near walkways.

Use only lights and power strips approved for outdoor use for outdoor decorations. Keep electrical connections off the ground and wiring free of obstructions.

Keep real trees away from fireplaces, vents or other heat sources. Make sure artificial trees are tested and labeled as fire-resistant.

Recycle old holiday trees and lights through the City of Lincoln’s recycling programs that run through mid-January.