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  • LES representatives can be reached by calling our media line at 402.540.0306.
  • For all other inquiries, please contact Customer Service at 402.475.4211.

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LES key facts

  • 147,843 retail customers in 2022.
  • Average outage time per customer 13.8 minutes in 2022.
  • Approximate fuel diversity based on summer nameplate generation resource portfolio:
    Natural gas, 35%
    Renewables, 34% (wind, hydro, solar, landfill gas).
    Coal, 31%.

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LES annual report

Our 2022 annual report reflects the past year’s achievements and our commitment to the community. A year of exciting public engagement and innovation.

Coming out of a pandemic highlighted the resiliency of our community, employees and utility. The year tested our strength in continuing to deliver clean, affordable energy to customer-owners while facing supply chain shortages, increases in material costs and unpredictable climate conditions that continued to push our system demand.

LES used these challenges as an opportunity to further demonstrate our innovation and industry collaboration. We worked with public and private partners across the nation, and our employees proved their resiliency and welcomed these challenges with creativity and safety in mind.

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