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LES’ overall all-in price is the 15th lowest in the country, according to the nationwide study of 87 cities based on 2020 EIA data. All-in price is the price of electricity determined by dividing LES’ retail revenue by the retail sales of electricity to determine the cents/kWh.



The average amount LES customers paid in 2021 to power everything in their home (from desk lamps to refrigerators, curling irons to laptops and everything in between).

Where does your dollar go?

As a public power company, you aren’t just a customer, you are a customer-owner. When you pay your LES bill, every cent of every dollar goes to keep the power flowing. 

  • 46¢ goes to operation and maintenance of the electric system — covers the cost of producing electricity and delivering it to where you live, work and play.
  • 29¢ goes to construction projects and debt payments — essential investments to keep our community’s power safe and reliable.
  • 20¢ goes to payroll and benefits — helps us hire and keep talented employees.
  • goes to payment in lieu of tax to local governments — our version of property taxes.

With LES, your money stays invested in the local economy. Local control. Low rates. High reliability. That is the power of public power. 

Graphic illustrating $2.73 is what customers spend per day on average in 2021
Lincoln Cares Program

Lincoln Cares is the City of Lincoln's voluntary donation program administered through your LES bill. With Lincoln Cares, you can make a $1 per month contribution to help fund city parks and recreation projects, libraries, older-adult programs and more. 


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