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If this is a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately. 

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As a public power utility, along with maintaining the area's electric system, LES also helps the City of Lincoln maintain its streetlights. If you have noticed a streetlight problem, report it online or call LES at 1.888.365.2412.

You also may call LES PowerLine, 24/7, to report your outage at 888.365.2412 (toll-free).

At LES, we rely on customers reporting outage information to help us refine our outage response. Report an outage right away, even if your neighbor did too. Outage reporting from customers helps LES operators and crews better understand the scope and possible cause of an outage. While crews are working to address the issue, it is important to give them space. Safety of our customers and crews is of the utmost importance, and electricity can be very dangerous.
Update PowerLine information

For PowerLine — LES’ outage call management system — to work for you, it must have your most up-to-date information. PowerLine recognizes the phone numbers you provide and matches them to your service address. This allows us to quickly evaluate outages and dispatch crews.


Or, call LES Customer Service at 402.475.4211 during regular business hours to update your information.

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