Renewable Energy Certificates

Mark your home or business' energy use as 100% renewable

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) were created to help customers prioritize the use of renewable energy resources. One REC legally conveys the environmental attributes of one megawatt-hour of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind power facilities. Purchasing RECs helps to support renewables and allows REC holders to officially claim their energy was sourced from 100% renewable energy.

2024 REC price is $0.00206/kWh

LES customers can purchase RECs for pennies on the MWh (fractions of a penny per kilowatt-hour). LES sells each REC without markup, and while supplies last, LES matches each REC purchased by a customer with a free REC from our federal hydropower allocation. LES' hydropower RECs cannot be resold but may be retired on behalf of an LES customer. With the match, the REC price translates to about $1/month for an average Lincoln-area home. LES will update the REC price annually (in January) based on the latest market projections. There is also a one-time enrollment fee of $10 added to your next bill.

Enroll in LES' REC Rider


REC Rider

In 2020, LES began offering its REC Rider, LES’ renewable energy certificate program. Through the program, you can secure LES RECs to cover each kilowatt-hour of electricity on your monthly LES bill, with LES officially retiring the RECs on your behalf at the end of each year. By doing so, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and officially marking your home or business energy use as 100% renewable. You’ll continue to receive electric service according to your current rate with the same reliable, affordable service.

The program is an opportunity to promote environmental leadership in our community by allowing you to directly participate in the benefits of LES’ over 1 million RECs generated from wind, hydro, solar and landfill gas each year. A REC is created with each MWh, equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours, produced by those resources.

Video: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Supplementing your wind or solar

If you produce your own renewable energy through LES’ net metering or virtual net metering programs, LES' REC Rider retires RECs on your behalf to cover any energy consumption that exceeds your own production — all clearly laid out on your monthly bill.

Smart and sustainable

Being smart with your energy use has never been easier than it is today. Many customers in the LES service territory have made the switch to electric vehicles and other energy-smart technologies. If you’ve gotten off gas and are looking for ways to make the energy used in your EV more sustainable, the LES REC Rider offers the perfect opportunity. With RECs, you can make your drive time more sustainable and make our community greener in the process.

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