Executive team

LES has eight executive team members who oversee the operations of LES.

Kevin Wailes photo
Kevin Wailes
Chief Executive Officer
12 years of service
Shelley Sahling-Zart photo
Shelley Sahling-Zart
General Counsel & Vice President, Communications & Corporate Records
34 years of service
Chief financial officer and Financial Services vice president
Emily Koenig
Chief Financial Officer & Vice President, Financial Services
24 years of service
Chief technology officer & vice president, Technology Services
David Malcom
Chief Technology Officer & Vice President, Technology Services
1 year of service
Paul Crist photo
Paul Crist
Vice President, Energy Delivery
32 years of service
Jason Fortik
Jason Fortik
Vice President, Power Supply
27 years of service
Lisa Hale photo
Lisa Hale
Vice President, Customer Services
10 years of service
Trish Owen photo
Trish Owen
Vice President, Corporate Operations
8 years of service