LES Peak Rewards

Join Peak Rewards from Lincoln Electric System

Enroll in LES Peak Rewards to receive a one-time $25 gift card per eligible thermostat. Plus, you’ll receive an annual $25 (total) billing credit for participating all summer long.*



More about the program

Connected thermostats make it easy and convenient to manage your home’s energy use. You can adjust your thermostat on the go, or simply set an automatic schedule that optimizes your energy usage based on your routine. And by signing up with the LES Peak Rewards program, you’ll receive additional rewards.

By enrolling your eligible thermostat in LES Peak Rewards to earn a $25 gift card, you agree to let LES make brief, limited adjustments to your thermostat during times of peak electric demand. Plus, for every year you participate, you will receive a $25 bill credit after the close of each program year.*

You’ll help your community manage energy more efficiently without sacrificing comfort — and help LES keep electric costs low. Enroll today!

*You must apply by Aug. 1 of the current year to receive your $25 bill credit at the end of the current Peak Rewards season.

Visit LESPeakRewards.com to get started

Man using electric thermostat
Local people serving local people

Internet-connected thermostats provide convenience and comfort while helping customers save energy. By enrolling in LES Peak Rewards, customers can help the community delay the need for another generating resource and that benefits everyone.

Marc Shkolnick
LES manager of Energy Services
Local people serving local people

I love that LES put this program together. It's so important to save energy and help the environment. And a little incentive back doesn't hurt at all. Thanks!

LES Peak Rewards customer
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