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Hey kids! Are you interested in learning more about electricity? Well, you've come to the right place! Explore the sections below to watch fun videos, play electricity games and more.

Games & activities

Coloring fun!
Round up your crayons and brighten up this "people in public power" coloring sheet.

Sustainable BINGO Challenge
Take the LES sustainable bingo challenge. Complete five activities in a row to get a bingo. Complete them all for a green-out!

EIA Energy Kids (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 
Games and activities to help you learn about the history of energy, sources of energy and using and saving energy.

Safe Electricity® (Energy Education Council) 
Videos, games and activities to help you explore how electricity works and electricity safety. 

Energy Star Kids 
Explore fun facts and activities about saving energy. (Note: Viewing this site will require you to enable Flash.)

Electrical Safety Foundation International
Cartoons and games to explore electricity and safety.


Energizers group photoHey, kids! Have you met the LES ENERGIZERS? They're here to help you learn about electricity and other types of energy! 

SparkE wants you to be safe around electricity and to give you tips on how to prepare if your power goes out.

SunnE and WindE are eager to fill you in on renewable energy such as solar and wind.

WoodzE wants to remind you and your family to plant trees and shrubs in places that are safe distances from power lines.

EnergE wants to share the journey electricity takes from power lines to your home, so you have lights and other stuff when you flip on a switch.

You never know when they'll show up at your school for a visit or when they'll be out and about with LES in the community!

See the LES ENERGIZERS in action in the video below!

Just for teachers

We offer several educational programs for schools in our service area, free of charge. LES subject matter experts take students through fun and informative presentations. All programs are designed with Nebraska state standards in mind.

More about LES' classroom programs

LES staff giving classroom demo