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Our customers depend on us to power their homes, so we’re committed to continuously improve service and reliability across the service territory. We continue to maintain our outstanding service reliability of 99.99%. To maintain the excellent service our customers expect, we acknowledge the need to repair, replace, build, upgrade and extend the electric system. Below, see details about LES' major construction projects in the works. 

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Major Projects
Saltillo Relocation Project


In preparation for the Lancaster County Roundabout and Resurfacing Project along Saltillo Road, LES will move existing overhead lines that are in conflict with the roadway project and will install underground cables and at-grade equipment within the project area.

This project will improve the reliability and safety for our customers while improving the aesthetics along Saltillo Road.

North 98th Street Project


In anticipation of Lancaster County’s proposed grading and paving project along 98th Street between Adams and Holdrege streets in northeast Lincoln, LES will remove overhead distribution power lines currently in conflict and will install underground distribution cables and at-grade equipment within the project area. Planned LES construction is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

Converting these overhead power lines to underground will improve neighborhood aesthetics, build upon our reliability and resiliency and ensure needed connectivity for the future.

South 56th Street Reliability Project


The South 56th Street Reliability Project is a multistep project to rebuild transmission lines and structures along 56th Street, from Everett Street to Elkcrest Drive. 

The project will begin in mid-2023, with the relocation of overhead distribution lines to underground. Eliminating overhead power lines along this major roadway meets the Lincoln-Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan statement, “Within the City of Lincoln, wherever feasible and affordable, implement a phased program to relocate overhead utility lines underground.” Burying these lines will improve neighborhood aesthetics, reduce impact from vehicle/pole accidents and build upon our reliability now and in the future. LES also will work with the communication utilities in the city of Lincoln to remove communication lines.

Once distribution lines (the “middle” lines on the pole) are removed, as well as the communication utility lines (the “lower” lines on the pole), work will begin on transmission structures and lines. This portion of the project will update structures to support increased electricity needs for the area and increase the span of the lines between structures. 


LES held an open house Aug. 23, 2022, to discuss this project. Click the links below for more information and to provide feedback.

View the South 56th Street Reliability Project flyer

View the South 56th Street Reliability Project FAQ

Provide feedback about the South 56th Street Reliability Project

Before  After

Example of street view before construction

Example of street view after construction
48th Street, L-Cotner Boulevard Overhead to Underground Project

Additional resource

Help LES keep power restoration and maintenance trouble-free by leaving proper space around power equipment.

View the fence and landscaping installation guide for tips and clearance requirements for different types of electrical equipment

Contact us

If you have any questions related to the South 56th Street Reliability Project, contact us at 402.475.4211 or email [email protected].

Overhead Distribution Asset Management Project

Overhead Distribution Asset Management Project Map

The Overhead Distribution Asset Management Project is an ongoing citywide maintenance project that will repair or replace LES poles and equipment that were deemed defective during the 2023 inspection. This project will ensure public safety, improve reliability and will begin in early 2024.

Construction planning process

01 - Model the electric grid

Annually, the LES System Planning Department models the LES electric grid to simulate real-world situations to ultimately develop a construction work plan. The model identifies areas of weakness, overloads and overall grid stress points. Out of the annual studies, specific projects are developed to remedy deficiencies, issues and problem areas. Other projects are identified when individual feeder circuits perform in a substandard manner, or future growth requires expanding the circuits. All these potential projects are prioritized to bring the most value to the organization.

02 - Engineer design package development

Following identification, the LES Design Engineering team takes conceptual ideas and converts them to an engineering design package that can be used to construct the project and that meets the National Electrical Safety Code provisions. Ensuring the safety of the public and the LES team is vital to the success of any construction project. When placing the LES electrical facilities on customer properties, LES Engineering and Land Management work with the customer-owner to find the right location for cable, pole, transformer or switch.

03 - Construction starts

LES Transmission & Distribution Construction puts into action the organization's priorities to get the new or replacement facilities into service. Many LES employees are involved in the projects. LES also utilizes external consultants and contractors to supplement projects when specialized equipment is required, or internal resources are not available by the required in-service date.

Hard hat & blueprints

Construction projects map

This map illustrates current LES construction projects within the service area. To view details about a project, click the colored area, and a pop-up containing additional information such as a description, bounds, start and end dates will display. If a contractor is assisting LES, the contractor logo(s) will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window. If you have questions about a construction project, contact LES by calling 402.475.4211.

If you see a construction flag in your yard but don't see a project in your area on the LES map, it may be a city of Lincoln project