For only $2.99* a day, we power your moments — big and small

Life is full of memorable moments. You may not see us, but we are here, powering the moments that matter. Dreams made sweeter by nightlight, laughter around the dinner table, the smells of freshly baked cookies, 10 more minutes of basketball under the lights. All for only $2.99 a day.

We work each day to make thoughtful decisions that add value to our community. Dedicated employees strive to safely and reliably deliver clean, affordable energy with exceptional customer service. What does that mean for our customers? You receive all electricity has to offer for only $2.99 per day. From your first cup of joe to your late-night dance party, LES powers all of life’s special moments.

*Average residential all-in price x average residential daily energy use

Where does your dollar go?

As a public power company, you aren’t just a customer, you are a customer-owner. When you pay your LES bill, every cent of every dollar goes to keep the power flowing. 

  • 45¢ goes to operation and maintenance of the electric system — covers the cost of producing electricity and delivering it to where you live, work and play.
  • 29¢ goes to construction projects and debt payments — essential investments to keep our community’s power safe and reliable.
  • 21¢ goes to payroll and benefits — helps us hire and keep talented employees.
  • goes to payment in lieu of taxes to local governments — our version of property taxes.

With LES, your money stays invested in the local economy. Local control. Low rates. High reliability. That is the power of public power. 

A quick look at how our rates are determined
Powering moments affordably & reliably

We know that providing affordable and dependable electricity is essential for your everyday. We are honored to deliver the power to you!

LES ranked 8th overall out of 87 cities for the lowest average all-in price (2022).

LES ranked 4th overall for the most stable rates over the past 10 years (2022).

LES’ reliability ranking (without major event days) ranked 1st overall (2022).

LES’ rates give us the distinction of residential all-in prices ranked 1st lowest price in the nation (2022).

LES’ affordability is further proven by its 12th place ranking for lowest residential bill as a percentage of household income (2022).  

The average outage time per customer was 19.1 minutes, which is 85% lower than the 5-year national average of 123 minutes (2023).

The math behind the value
Graphic showing $2.99 value


Residential all-in price*

*The LES Competitive Market Study ranks residential, commercial and industrial electric prices of 87 cities across the nation. Prices are based on 2022 EIA data. All-in price is the price of electricity determined by dividing LES’ retail revenue by the retail sales of electricity to determine the cents/kWh. 

Service beyond your power