Enroll in LES SunShares

You can support our community solar facility by participating in the SunShares program. SunShares is an easy and affordable way to promote renewable energy in our community. All customers are eligible to participate in the program. To join, simply add a donation to your monthly bill. Each SunShare is just $1/month. Three shares (a $3 minimum) are required. 

Enroll now for as little as $3 per month using the online form below or by calling 402.475.4211.

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Sign me up for $ per month for SunShares. Each share is $1 per month; 3-share ($3) minimum required.
(if enrolling as a business)
By submitting this form, you are authorizing LES to add the amount above each month to your electric bill. You also have the understanding that this money is to be used to help fund the LES community solar facility. Your participation in LES SunShares will continue each month unless you notify LES in writing. This donation is nonrefundable and wholly voluntary.