LES celebrates Public Power Week

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System joins other public power utilities across the nation in celebrating Public Power Week Oct. 1-7.

“All public power utilities share the common goal of providing reliable and safe electricity for their customers at a reasonable price,” said Kevin Wailes, LES CEO. “We all take pride in providing our friends, families and neighbors with this essential service that touches every part of their lives.”

The hallmark of public power is local control. Nebraska’s electric utilities are governed by individuals locally elected or appointed who are accessible and accountable to the customers they serve.  

“Locally owned and locally controlled means that decisions on how LES is run are made by people who live and work in our community,” Wailes said. “LES supports local commerce, employs local people and invests directly back into our community.”

Nebraska is the only 100% public power state in the country. The value proposition of public power is as valid today as it was in 1933 when the Legislature created this unique business model. Lincoln joins more than 2,000 other public power systems in the U.S. celebrating Public Power Week by reflecting on the benefits of public power and recognizing how publicly owned utilities provide electricity to the 49 million customers they serve nationwide.

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