// Funds available through LES’ Sustainable Energy Program in 2024

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System announces that $2.5 million in incentives is available in 2024 for residential and business customers making energy-efficiency improvements through the utility’s Sustainable Energy Program. Since 2009, LES’ Sustainable Energy Program, or SEP, has offered financial incentives to promote energy efficiency, reduce wasted energy and provide customers with options to take a more active role in helping manage electricity demand for the entire service area.

“Helping the community invest in energy...

// LES provides energy-saving tips to customers for extreme cold

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System continues to see high electric use due to the extreme cold temperatures. To keep bills low, LES recommends that customers consider energy-saving tips in their homes and businesses to limit their electricity usage.

“Small lifestyle changes can translate into energy and cost savings on a customer’s bill,” said Paul Crist, vice president of Energy Delivery. “We want customers to know how to positively impact their bill, especially during prolonged periods...

// Experience Energy Nights at Zoo Lights Powered by LES

LINCOLN — The Lincoln Children’s Zoo, in partnership with Lincoln Electric System, has once again been transformed into one of the largest energy-efficient light shows in the Midwest. Zoo Lights Powered by LES features many holiday favorites, including multiple light shows choreographed to holiday music, hanging vine lights, over 30 lit animal silhouettes, electric train rides, a brand new 140-foot-long cathedral light tunnel and more. Guests can also get their picture taken with LES’ nutcracker...

// LES recognized as a Smart Energy Provider

SAN ANTONIO — Lincoln Electric System has earned a Smart Energy Provider designation from the American Public Power Association for the third time since the designation was created in 2019. Being a Smart Energy Provider, a title lasting two years, demonstrates a public power utility’s success in four key disciplines: smarter energy program structure, energy efficiency and distributed energy programs, environmental and sustainability initiatives, and customer-owned experience. 

LES received the designation Nov. 14 during the...

// LES participates in North America's largest grid security exercise

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System participated in GridEx VII, North America's largest grid security exercise, Nov. 14-15. Facilitated by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC) Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center (E-ISAC), this biennial exercise offers complex attack scenarios designed to push the limits of even the most prepared participants to help prepare responses to contemporary threats and security issues.

Since 2011, GridEx has provided utilities and government stakeholders the opportunity to improve industry...


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Environmental Protection Agency approval for <50 PPM PCB remediation waste disposal

American Public Power Association member utilities, including Lincoln Electric System, received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017 to dispose of polychlorinated biphenyl remediation waste generated at secure utility assets with as-found PCB concentrations less than 50 parts per million pursuant to 40 CFR 761.61(c). Links below have disposal location information.

The approval allows the disposal of PCB remediation waste with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCBs in non-TSCA approved landfill facilities, including municipal solid waste landfills as defined by Condition 9 of the approval as stated:

"Under these Approvals, PCB Remediation Wastes with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCB may be disposed of in any of the following facilities subject to state and local regulations regarding such disposal:

  1. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage municipal solid waste subject to 40 CFR Part 258
  2. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage non-municipal non-hazardous waste subject to 40 CFR section 257.5-.257.30, as applicable, with the exception of any such unit that manages liquid wastes including pits, ponds, and lagoons;
  3. Hazardous waste landfills permitted by EPA under section 3004 of RCRA, or by a state authorized under section 3006 of RCRA.”

Environmental Protection Agency risk-based PCB disposal notification (Feb. 6, 2018)

Environmental Protection Agency approval to LES to dispose of PCB remediation waste (Sept. 28, 2017)