// Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 11

LINCOLN — Lineworkers dedicate their lives to powering local homes and businesses. To honor their commitment, Lincoln Electric System invites area residents to join utilities and Nebraskans across the state in celebrating April 11 as Lineworker Appreciation Day.

“Setting aside a special day for lineworkers allows people a moment to honor those who put it on the line to ensure safe and reliable electric service in our communities every day,” said Paul Crist, vice president...

// Get prepared during Severe Weather Awareness Week

LINCOLN – Nebraskans are no strangers to severe weather. Severe Weather Awareness Week, March 21-25, serves as an important reminder for our community to be prepared for storms to strike. LES will offer tips to prepare for severe weather and potential storm-related power outages throughout the week through its social media channels and website.

Before the next storm strikes, follow these steps to help ensure you are prepared if the power goes out:

  • Create a...
// Shedding light on resources to help when considering solar

LINCOLN – Lincoln Electric System recently launched a Solar Trade Ally Network and a Solar Buyer’s Checklist to help customers who are exploring solar for their homes or who’ve been contacted by solar company sales representatives. Available at, customers will find trusted information and best practices when considering an investment in solar.

“Not all solar companies in the market are looking out for the customer’s best interest, so it’s essential to get accurate information,”...

// LES encourages customers to stay alert for scams

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System is asking customers to stay alert for scammers. We have received reports from other Nebraska utilities of an uptick in scams. Scammers often conduct these operations in bursts and likely could turn to LES next. If this occurs, customers should stay vigilant.

In some instances, scammers may contact customers claiming there is a credit on their account. They might then request personal banking information to “process the credit.” Don’t be...

// LES celebrates Smart Energy Provider Week

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System has been a Smart Energy Provider utility since 2019 when the American Public Power Association created the designation. During Smart Energy Provider Week, Feb. 14-18, LES invites customers to help celebrate by checking out LES’ programs and initiatives available. Energy-efficiency tips, sustainability initiatives and details on “smart” programs will be available on LES’ social media pages and

The Smart Energy Provider title demonstrates LES’ success in energy efficiency, distributed...


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Environmental Protection Agency approval for <50 PPM PCB remediation waste disposal

American Public Power Association member utilities, including Lincoln Electric System, received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017 to dispose of polychlorinated biphenyl remediation waste generated at secure utility assets with as-found PCB concentrations less than 50 parts per million pursuant to 40 CFR 761.61(c). Links below have disposal location information.

The approval allows the disposal of PCB remediation waste with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCBs in non-TSCA approved landfill facilities, including municipal solid waste landfills as defined by Condition 9 of the approval as stated:

"Under these Approvals, PCB Remediation Wastes with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCB may be disposed of in any of the following facilities subject to state and local regulations regarding such disposal:

  1. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage municipal solid waste subject to 40 CFR Part 258
  2. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage non-municipal non-hazardous waste subject to 40 CFR section 257.5-.257.30, as applicable, with the exception of any such unit that manages liquid wastes including pits, ponds, and lagoons;
  3. Hazardous waste landfills permitted by EPA under section 3004 of RCRA, or by a state authorized under section 3006 of RCRA.”

Environmental Protection Agency risk-based PCB disposal notification (Feb. 6, 2018)

Environmental Protection Agency approval to LES to dispose of PCB remediation waste (Sept. 28, 2017)