// LES Administrative Board approves recommendation for new CEO

LINCOLN — The Lincoln Electric System Administrative Board approved today’s recommendation for the new LES CEO.

“After careful consideration, we are pleased to announce that Emeka Anyanwu has been recommended for the role of CEO at LES,” said LES Board Chair Andrew Hunzeker. “The Executive Search Committee responsible for this recommendation weighed input from key LES external stakeholders, the mayor of Lincoln, LES employees and the general public. The LES Administrative Board is pleased to...

// LES celebrates Public Power Week

LINCOLN — Lincoln Electric System joins other public power utilities across the nation in celebrating Public Power Week Oct. 1-7.

“All public power utilities share the common goal of providing reliable and safe electricity for their customers at a reasonable price,” said Kevin Wailes, LES CEO. “We all take pride in providing our friends, families and neighbors with this essential service that touches every part of their lives.”

The hallmark of public power is local...

// Sept. 24 is LES’ electric vehicle ride and drive in Lincoln 

LINCOLN — Lincoln’s largest electric vehicle ride and drive event, presented by Lincoln Electric System, will be held in Lincoln this Sunday, Sept. 24, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Haymarket Park, 403 Line Drive Circle. Attendees will be able to test drive at least one EV, including makes from BMW, Cadillac, Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Rivian, Tesla, Toyota and Volkswagen.

“The number of models available is increasing significantly, particularly in the pickup, crossover...

// LES proposes rate adjustment

LINCOLN — The Lincoln Electric System Administrative Board’s Budget & Rates Committee proposed a budget that includes a 3.7% systemwide increase to retail electric rates during LES’ Administrative Board meeting today. The rate adjustment is primarily due to ongoing investments in recruiting and retaining LES’ critical workforce. The rate adjustment is also driven by increases in net power costs and debt service.

“It is a priority of LES to keep costs low for customers while...

// LES announces 4 finalists for CEO

LINCOLN – Lincoln Electric System announced Thursday that the search to replace outgoing CEO Kevin Wailes is down to four final candidates. Emeka Anyanwu, Emily Koenig, Dawn Roth Lindell and Randa Stephenson will advance to the final stage and be interviewed by the LES Administrative Board Sept. 13-14. LES will also host in-person and virtual public sessions.

“After a national search, we are pleased to advance four industry leaders as finalists for the CEO position...


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Environmental Protection Agency approval for <50 PPM PCB remediation waste disposal

American Public Power Association member utilities, including Lincoln Electric System, received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency in September 2017 to dispose of polychlorinated biphenyl remediation waste generated at secure utility assets with as-found PCB concentrations less than 50 parts per million pursuant to 40 CFR 761.61(c). Links below have disposal location information.

The approval allows the disposal of PCB remediation waste with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCBs in non-TSCA approved landfill facilities, including municipal solid waste landfills as defined by Condition 9 of the approval as stated:

"Under these Approvals, PCB Remediation Wastes with as-found concentrations of <50 ppm PCB may be disposed of in any of the following facilities subject to state and local regulations regarding such disposal:

  1. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage municipal solid waste subject to 40 CFR Part 258
  2. Facilities permitted, licensed, or registered by a state to manage non-municipal non-hazardous waste subject to 40 CFR section 257.5-.257.30, as applicable, with the exception of any such unit that manages liquid wastes including pits, ponds, and lagoons;
  3. Hazardous waste landfills permitted by EPA under section 3004 of RCRA, or by a state authorized under section 3006 of RCRA.”

Environmental Protection Agency risk-based PCB disposal notification (Feb. 6, 2018)

Environmental Protection Agency approval to LES to dispose of PCB remediation waste (Sept. 28, 2017)